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Get to know this masochist

who's stolen my first name

28 July
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About Me
Aspiring writer who complains a lot, likes unconvential romances regardless of the gender of the people involved, has a sick sense of humor, and sometimes thinks she's funnny.

Friend away. I probably won't friend you back unless you speak up and I get to know you though. It's just the way I am.

How to Find Stuff
I'm horridly disorginized and bad at tags/memories thing. Most times I forget. I would do one of those fic index things but I'd probably neglect to keep that current. I should try anyway. If I were better and less lazy everything would be on my website. For now, check the tags and the memories for older stuff. and if you want something, ask.

Legal Crap
All original content copyright 2003-2009 paraxdisepink . None of the original content in this journal may be reproduced or shared without my permission. This includes frienditto. If you use it, defriend me or I will defriend you. I don't put up with wank and reserve the right to defriend or ban as I choose. Please go away if you are under 18. Adult subjects may be discussed here, and I don't want to get anyone, including myself, into trouble :)

My icon journal is xthesefourwalls

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